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Short Form Surveys


Medical Outcomes Trust (MOT), HAL and QualityMetric Incorporated, co-copyright holders of all SF-36®, SF-12®, and SF-8™ Health Surveys, have merged their licensing and user registration programs, with the objectives of simplifying licensing and user registration and better meeting the needs of the many new academic, commercial, and other licensees.

The fastest way to renew a current license or obtain a new license is to complete and submit the License Application Form available at Licensing & User Registration. The information you provide will help to determine the license or user registration program that is best for you and/or your organization.


Goals for the licensing and user registration programs remain unchanged:


(1) to maintain the scientific standards for surveys and scoring algorithms that make results directly comparable and interpretable and;

(2) to make surveys available at a discounted rate to individuals and organizations for academic research.


The merged programs also assure that those individuals and organizations that benefit from commercial uses of the intellectual property pay royalties or other user fees that will support the research community that made the original surveys possible. These fees also will be available to make it possible to offer discounts to students worldwide.

Read more information on Licensing and User Registration at


Other Translations


A number of translations of the 12-item and 6-item Sleep scales and 6-item and 4-item Cognitive Functioning scales from the Medical Outcomes Study have been developed through Health Assessment Lab. All translations were developed using a multi-step process, which included multiple independent forward translations of the source (original English) document into the target (other) language by experienced consultants (native speakers of the target language); reconciliation of the initial forward translations into one preliminary forward translation; backward translation from the target language into English by at least one independent bilingual consultant; review of the backward translations for equivalence with the source form by HAL researchers and other consultants; qualitative debriefings with subject in the target country to assess clarity, interpretability and relevance of the translation and to test alternative wordings; and final proofreading.

These translations are now available for scholarly use through QualityMetric’s Office of Grants and Scholarly Research and for commercial licensing through QualityMetric’s sales department. For more information, please go to

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